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Since the early 1960s, I have enjoyed a long and satisfying career in the Life Insurance industry. I have served as an expert witness before the California State Senate Committee, as a licensed Continuing Education Instructor, and as president of several industry organizations. I remain active today as a consultant.

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23 October 2014 0 Comments

Leadership Part 8

The third trait of Leadership is People skills.10-23-14 LII Blog FB

People Skills

The first element of people skills is to select the right people to help you toward your goals.  Select the brightest, most capable people you can find.  Select people who will challenge you.  Find those who want your job.  Don’t be afraid that your subordinates will look better then you.  Others will measure you by how good your subordinates look, so if they look good, you will look good.  If they really are so darn good that they could take over your job, that’s alright because they probably won’t stop at your job.  They’ll move right on by you and you’ll have a good leader to follow about whom you can say, “I helped get him there.”

Picking good people to assist you in attaining your goals employs a combination of available resources (aptitude test, background checks, etc.) and following your gut instincts.  More…

21 October 2014 0 Comments

Leadership Part 7

10-21-14 SQ Blog FB

More on the aspects of Positive Attitude required of leaders.

Maintaining a Positive Image

Making decisions is part of a leader’s responsibility.  Som

e will be popular; others will not be.  When those tough decisions need to be made it must not affect your positive attitude.  The leader must move forward in a totally positive manner.  To do this they must research all facets surrounding the matter and then proceed with a passionate, positive approach that spurs on their followers.

Leaders must stay the course believing that their plan will work.  They must not waiver.  They must believe that they will succeed.  At the same time they must be flexible.  They must also be prepared for defeat…as hidden as that preparation might be.  They must reevaluate their position as events change over time.  More…

16 October 2014 0 Comments

Leadership Part 6

Continuing on the importance for leaders to have a Positive AttitudeLII Blog 2

Feel Good About Yourself

Come on!  You do have good qualities.  What are they?  Make a list.  Are you smart, caring, understanding, well educated, well connected?  Do you smile a lot?  Are you a good public speaker; capable writer?  Do you look good when you dress up?  Do you have good health?  Are you good with numbers?  A good lover?  Are you dependable; show up on time?  Are you creative?  What about your organizational skills?

Work on this list and make it as long as possible.  While you’re at it, also make a list of your weaknesses.  If you are able to improve or eliminate weaknesses, then work on that.   If you are incapable of overcoming a given weakness, then don’t dwell on it; work around it and find ways to push your strengths to the fore while finding ways to cope with the other areas.  Delegation might come in handy here and I’ll cover that when I discuss People Skills. More…

14 October 2014 0 Comments

Leadership Part 5

LII Blog

Moving on in this discussion of leadership to the second trait:  Positive Attitude.

Golden Retrievers are wonderful creatures.  They are great tail waggers.  It doesn’t matter how bad their day might have been.  You may have left them alone all day.  Maybe you forgot to feed them before you went out for the night.  Perhaps you just gave them hell for chewing up your new shoes.  Maybe you feel lousy, so you just didn’t say good morning to them.

Positive Attitude (Or, How to Wag Your Tail)

It doesn’t matter; Golden Retrievers always wag their tail at you—and—smile in a doggy smile only possible from a dog. That’s the nature of dogs.  They are always happy.  What a great way to go through life! Wag! Wag! Wag!

Leaders of the world—the human ones—also wag a lot because they have a way of looking at things in a positive light.  Positive attitude is a trait shared by most great leaders of history. More…

11 September 2014 0 Comments

Leadership Part 4

shutterstock_197903279Concluding the elements that go into Presence in a leader.


Don’t you wish this was a trait that all of our leaders possessed?  Wouldn’t it be great to turn on “Meet the Press” one Sunday morning and actually have a politician answer a question with a simple “Yes” or “No” when that is all that is called for?   But that seldom happens with politicians. They go on and on and on and in the end very often don’t answer the question that was asked.

Leaders in business do a much better job at being succinct than do politicians.  But many striving for leadership in all walks of life often feel that the merit of an answer is measured by the number of words used.  In today’s need for instant answers, the overly verbose responder runs the risk of being “deleted” before their words end. More…

9 September 2014 0 Comments

Leadership Part 3

Continuing with the elements of Presence found in a leader.shutterstock_82371157

Eye Contact

This hardly seems like a topic that requires comment.  When you meet someone, when you’re talking to them, look them in the eye.  Simple enough.  But that’s not always what happens. A few years ago I was conducting a class at a local high school on how to present yourself in a job interview.  This wasn’t your everyday high school.  It was an Alternative High School that catered to young people who had special challenges in keeping to a regular school schedule.  Gangs often had a major influence on their lives.

One of the things I talked to them about was the importance of eye contact with the person conducting the job interview.  I tried some roll playing, but wasn’t having much luck in getting across my point to one young man.  He just wouldn’t look me in the eye.  After the class, the school principal told me what the problem was.  Looking at someone square in the eyes in a gang related incident can be viewed as a threat or challenge.  This teenager was taught not to have eye contact unless he was looking for a confrontation. More…

4 September 2014 0 Comments

Leadership Part 2

shutterstock_137766281In my last entry I discussed Presence as one of the elements of leadership.  Now, I’ll cover the elements of Presence.


Leaders are often visionaries.  They think outside of the box.  A discussion with a visionary will take you on a journey to unknown places.  Visionaries are dreamers so their concepts are not always practical.  With those around them going in another direction, they often conjure up visions in their minds that change the direction of events.  Without visionaries we would live in a very predictable, dull place and there would be far fewer home runs.  Just being in their presence can be a blast!

Visionaries can be all over the place with their planning process…always grasping for new concepts and directions.  When you meet visionaries for the first time you might think “Wow—can this be real?”


2 September 2014 0 Comments


shutterstock_188823320During my life I have held several leadership rolls.  I have also had the privilege of working with and for many leaders.  Some of them have been very effective; some less so.

My observations in the following several entries come from the leaders I have known and what I have learned from my own experiences as a leader.

Who wants to be a leader?

There are probably times when you will want to lead…when you will want others to follow you.  If you don’t use leadership to get them to follow, about all that’s left are threats, intimidation and bribes.  These tactics are not substitutes for leadership. In the long haul they will not work.

You can become a leader!  Here are some tips that might help. More…

28 August 2014 0 Comments

Social Security Planning Tips

shutterstock_112541258The Bridge

When you are about to retire there are several choices that face you.  If you are about to retire at age 62 you may not want to take Social Security retirement benefits at that time due to the early retirement reduction in benefits. You might also not want to leave the workforce until the full retirement age (FRA) of age 66, but then delay the beginning of Social Security benefits until age 70 to maximize the delayed retirement credits.  In either case you will need to provide bridge income as you await for the Social Security benefit to kick in.  Some might suggest using an immediate annuity (IA) for this purpose, but I believe merely drawing down from other investments to be more efficient since the load on short term IA’s can be excessive. More…

26 August 2014 0 Comments


shutterstock_184421114Time flies when you’re having fun, they say.  What I barrel of fun I’ve had!  Rounding the corner last May, I’m on my way to 80 big ones above the grass.  Strange as it seems, I don’t feel that old…but how should I know how that feels, never having been there before?

Sure, there have been some changes.  Since I stopped showing up in coat and tie at the office every day at 8:00AM, I’ve had much more time to go to the movies…and my wife and I do love the movies.  We’ve also spent more of our travel time on cruises…enjoying long times at sea between ports for reading, lectures and each other’s company.  It beats checking in and out of hotels every other day on a quest for the next city.  The iPad has become my constant companion, keeping me linked just enough to my blog, consulting and an occasional sale…and Scrabble.   When at home, I’ve become the cook, albeit with a limited menu. More…