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Leadership Part 18

11-27-14 LII Blog FBThe final in this series on Leadership


The commitment to be a leader carries a price.  The more visible the leader…the greater that price.  When people look upon you as their leader you have created an obligation to fulfill their needs.  You have set standards that they expect to be maintained.  If you suddenly abdicate the roll of leader, they may flounder unless you can find a substitute to fill the void.

They also look to you to set standards of behavior.  Leaders are expected to be honest…to have principals…to tell the truth.  A leader cannot lead by edict alone.  Leading a good life is the responsibility of a good leader.  When others count on you, the price is high when you fail them.  If you are to be a leader then you must be willing to lead by example.

What a leader does is so much more important than what a leader says.  Why is it that so many children who are abused grow up to abuse their own children?  Why do so many children with alcoholic parents turn to alcohol themselves as adults?  These adults vowed to learn from the mistakes of their parents.  They would learn from their parent’s faults…but that’s often not what happens.  They fall into the pattern that they have been taught by example.

Leaders must be willing to take stances that are not always popular.  When they believe in a given direction, they must go in that direction even if it means alienating others.  Leadership can be lonely.  It can also be euphoric!

When leadership is euphoric that is the time to recognize others for what they have contributed to you.  Leaders know that their success is the result of many.  Even if that may not be true, a leader knows that much more can be gained by acknowledging anyone who had anything to do with the success of an endeavor than to take the glory alone.  Being generous with praise will be returned exponentially and will add greater euphoria for the leader who basks in the success of his or her followers.  One of the greatest rewards of being a leader is to see others succeed.

It is essential for a leader to establish rules by which to operate and to make these rules known to the world.  Once these rules are announced there is no going back.  The leader has set standards to be followed by his followers and must also be willing to abide by them.

If you have made the decision to be a leader—of something—then go for it!  Let people know that you want to lead and that you have something to offer.

I hope my thoughts on leadership have been helpful.  Next, it’s back to the roll life insurance plays in your life.


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