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It’s No Surprise

we have answersAt the end of my last entry I promised some surprises.  I have only one surprise:  Time moves much more quickly than you could ever imagine!

Could it possibly be 57 years ago that I got word of my father’s sudden death as a moment of carelessness had him tangling with an oncoming steam engine on his job as a switchyard brakeman?  Was that my first plane ride flying back to Duluth to be with my mother and three much younger siblings?  Was that my first experience with how important life insurance can be…helping my Mom file a claim for his $10,000 GI Policy?  Not much, but it helped.

And then just one year later, my graduation from UCLA seems like yesterday as I now sit in my Hollywood Bowl box and remember being on stage belting out my solo line, “We got nothing to put on a clean white suit for,” in the 1957 Spring Sing.

How is it that my wife and I recently celebrated our 50th anniversary?  Wasn’t if just a few years ago that, on our second date, I told her she would someday be my wife?  I always have been a positive thinker and a pretty good salesman on top of that.

But, positive thinking doesn’t slow down the passage of time…it keeps moving on…it’s no surprise.  Our sons are grown men and doing fine and, as it turned out, there was no need for the term life insurance I carried during their young years.  I made it through and am still going strong.  But I feel good that I paid that premium and that I still have some permanent insurance for whenever I do go.  Maybe it helped me reach this point in life by eliminating any concern about my family’s well being.

Whatever…I had friends who were not as fortunate and some did not provide the protection that was so readily available through the great product that has been such an important part of my life for…could it be 53 years?  I was always a lousy prospector; I should have reached out more to offer the protection they needed…and could have afforded.

Forgive the personal reminiscing, but take it from a guy who’s been lucky enough to be around for a number of years and is still vital.  In the final analysis, family is what it’s all about.  Take care of yours!

This got me thinking…next I return to what is available for the young parent who is really serious about caring for their family.

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