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Nebraska – The Movie

NebraskaA movie was released a few weeks ago named “Nebraska.”  It stars Bruce Dern as a harass-able old codger who defines the term curmudgeon—in spades!  Disheveled, grumpy, mean and uncaring are a few adjectives that easily describe him.  The movie was shot in black and white because it more precisely depicts the bleakness of his existence than would a color film.

He lives in a small town in Montana with his long suffering wife.  Their two adult sons live nearby attempting to forge their own futures.  One day he announces to one son, played by Will Forte, that he has won $1,000,000 and that he must drive him to Lincoln, Nebraska so he can claim his prize.  He evidences this fortune by showing his son a letter he just got telling him of this windfall.  Forte’s efforts to convince his father that this is a come-on—just a way to sell magazine subscriptions—falls on deaf ears.  But the old man is relentless and won’t let his son rest until he drives him to Nebraska’s capitol city.

The road trip takes a detour through a dot on the map where the old man grew up and upon a gloomy reunion with old friends, he tells them of his good fortune.  Soon the entire town is abuzz about the new millionaire in their midst.

The Dern character is so without merit—has been such a lousy father and husband—you wonder why the son is catering to the old man’s fantasy.  There seems to be little good in his soul.  Then in an effort to get him to call off his foolish quest, Forte asks him why he wants the money.  It’s to buy a new truck and generator.  But, Dad responds Forte, you don’t need that much money for a truck and generator.  Dern drops his head, and in his only non self serving moment in the entire film he says, “I want to be able to leave something for you and your brother.”

There it is—the feeling that so many people have as they reach their September years—the desire to leave something. That something can be the proceeds of a life insurance policy, but only if you plan ahead.  There will be no million dollar sweepstakes.  There can be something in life insurance that says, “I love you.”

P.S.  I enjoyed the movie, but my wife found all the old people to be depressing.  I reminded her that Dern is a year younger than me.  She’d still prefer a George Clooney movie.

Next…how to stay out of trouble with your life insurance.

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