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Ovarian Cancer And Life Insurance

In my last blog I discussed Prostate Cancer and how it is one of the most readily detectable and treatable cancers and therefore insurable at affordable premiums.  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Ovarian Cancer.  Frequently ovarian cancer does not produce symptoms until it is fairly advanced and has spread beyond the ovaries.  Still, life insurance is often available.

Surgical removal is recommended for all varieties and stages of ovarian cancer.  Following surgery, a pathology report will indicate the aggressiveness of the cancer cells, stated as the cancer grade and stage.  Here’s a brief description of each stage and what life insurance action might be expected:

This underwriting action relates to epithelial carcinomas which make up 90 % of ovarian cancers.  So, you’ll want to be sure to identify the applicable form.  The postponement period and duration of extra $ per $1,000 begin with the date of surgical removal of the ovaries.

If you can identify the applicable Stage, are beyond the postponement period and want to know how much the premium will be, just ask your agent to include the Table rating and Flat extras indicated above and you’ll have an idea of cost.  The underwriting action will vary based on exact history of the applicant and each insurance company’s own criteria.  But, this gives you an idea of whether or not you want to proceed with complete underwriting.  As I’ve said in the past, deal with an agent experienced in handling medically challenging applicants and who has access to several insurance companies.

Coming up, I’ll be venting about some frustrations I have with the attitudes and practices of some agents and financial advisors.

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