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shutterstock_184421114Time flies when you’re having fun, they say.  What I barrel of fun I’ve had!  Rounding the corner last May, I’m on my way to 80 big ones above the grass.  Strange as it seems, I don’t feel that old…but how should I know how that feels, never having been there before?

Sure, there have been some changes.  Since I stopped showing up in coat and tie at the office every day at 8:00AM, I’ve had much more time to go to the movies…and my wife and I do love the movies.  We’ve also spent more of our travel time on cruises…enjoying long times at sea between ports for reading, lectures and each other’s company.  It beats checking in and out of hotels every other day on a quest for the next city.  The iPad has become my constant companion, keeping me linked just enough to my blog, consulting and an occasional sale…and Scrabble.   When at home, I’ve become the cook, albeit with a limited menu.

There are some failings, like those short term memory lapses of getting up from my chair in the den and heading with purpose toward the kitchen only to arrive in the kitchen with no idea of why I’m there.  There’s also the tendency to lose patience when people don’t act as I think they should according to the wisdom I’ve gained from my longevity.  There’s also the tendency of young people to view my disgruntlement as the ranting of an old fart…probably a more appropriate take than my wisdom justification.

All in all, it’s been a great ride and hopefully will continue to be one for some years to come.  Maintaining good health is essential.  Living long won’t be much fun without it.  And so, I try to eat smartly and keep the wine intake to the level that the medical profession has recognized as a health enhancer rather than detriment…and simply enjoy my good fortune.

Family becomes more important with the passing of each day.  I think about my legacy.  I hope that I will be remembered as a fair employer, honest insurance agent and good neighbor, but most of all as a husband, father, brother, uncle and grand-father-like figure who loved and cared for them all.  My belief in life insurance has been motivated out of love for my family.  Much of my own life insurance is no longer needed to maintain a family living standard, but the comfort it has provided has made every penny of premium worthwhile.

Next…some tips on Social Security planning.

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