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The Doctor Will See You Now

the family doctorOnce you have decided to proceed with an application for life insurance your agent will set up a time for you to have a medical examination.  Unless you are applying for a very large amount of insurance or a treadmill ECG is required, the exam is more likely to be completed by a Paramedic than by a Doctor, but I couldn’t resist using the above line.

The Paramedics and Doctors used are approved by the insurance company.  People often ask why they can’t use their own doctor.  The insurance companies want specific lab work and information that your doctor may not have.   This controlled, unbiased exam provides them with uniform data necessary in determining the correct premium to charge. They will likely also request information from your doctor, but that won’t replace this exam.The medical examination is usually performed at your home or office, but the pre-medical office might also be used.  It will include questions about your medical history, measurements of height and weight, blood pressure and pulse.  A stethoscope may be used to listen for any irregular heart activity.  A urine specimen and blood draw will be collected.  Blood and urine samples can indicate much about a person’s medical condition and lifestyle, including current use of tobacco and other substances.  Undressing is not required and the exam usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

All of the information obtained during the examination is strictly confidential and only for purpose of obtaining insurance.  It is forwarded to the insurance company or their contracted laboratories for review to help evaluate your policy’s premiums.

Some people are concerned about blood testing.  Less than one ounce of blood is drawn by experienced personnel.  Sterile materials used are in disposable kits and used only once.  The examiner should open the kit in front of you as well as show the seal being broken on the sterile needle.

Remember, by insisting on a current exam and uniform lab work, the insurance companies have been able to keep the cost of life insurance low for those who qualify.

Coming up…what to do to get the best premiums.

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