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The Feel Good Factor

shutterstock_94700359 (2)Buying a new car can make you feel good…until the new car smell wears off and you no longer bother to get it washed every week.  Moving into a new home always makes you feel good…until the newly escalated real estate taxes come due.  Partying with a bunch of your pals from college, reminiscing about the good old days , makes you feel good…until the next morning when your head feels like someone buried an axe in it.  Many of life’s experiences generate a good feeling…it’s just that many of them are short lived.

There is one event that doesn’t always produce good feelings at its commencement, but should certainly cause you to feel good—about yourself and what you have done—for many years into the future.  That “feel good factor” comes with the purchase of life insurance in an amount significant enough to maintain your family it the same level of comfort they enjoy today if you were to die tomorrow.  This good feeling does not go away with time.  As your family grows and becomes more dependent on you for income…as you see your kids nearing their college years and you want to be there for them…the feel good factor grows.

With many,  the feel good factor even expands when future health complications might make it impossible for you to qualify for the preferred risk premiums you originally obtained.  When a heart attack or cancer scare enter the picture you really feel good that you acted when you did.

Please, please do feel good about yourself when you purchase life insurance.  Realize that by obtaining protection for your family you have made a statement of love to them and also shown the ultimate in responsibility.  Blow your own horn!  Tell others what you have done.  Maybe they will be moved to take action themselves.

I commend you for taking a move that will continue to feel good for years to come!

Next…what you should do if the policy you bought is not producing a feel good factor, when you think it isn’t the right policy.

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