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The Final Process

When I started selling life insurance almost 54 years ago the toughest part of the job was finding people who would grant me an interview.  I thought I had an important message to share, but people just weren’t interested in talking about their death.  Although some life insurance policies provide living benefits, the big payoff is when you die and who wants to talk about that.  This takes me back to my very first blog that refers to a Woody Allen movie quote of how the worst thing in life is being stuck in an elevator with a life insurance agent.

And yet…we all die.

And…there is no other financial vehicle that is specifically designed to meet whatever needs have been left undone at that time.

None of us knows when that time will come, but I assure you that no one who has been given the news that their time is limited—none of those people—have ever complained that they bought too much life insurance.  None of those people complained that they were forced to spend time with an insurance agent.  No widow has ever complained that the life insurance premium was too high.  No business partner has ever complained that they have the cash with which to buy out the interest of their deceased partner and pay a fair price with no squabbles…no hassle. 

The final moments normally come with little warning.  The grief for those left behind is often inconsolable.  But, the final process for those left behind can be so much easier when there is only the grief of the loss of a loved one with which to contend, not also the loss of a life style or a home or a business.

I implore those who are reading this to take the time now to get your life insurance needs resolved…make it a Christmas or Hanukah present to those you love and to yourself.  SelectQuote would be a great place for you to contact.

I’ll be taking a sabbatical from my writings for a time, so let me say that I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts and experience with you and I wish you all the best in the coming year..


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