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Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day is the day that most guys forget until the last minute and then scurry around trying to find a bouquet of flowers, box of chocolates, or at least a card.  Most gals are figuring they’ll be lucky with an “I love you”…and the beat goes on because it turned out to be not a very special day after all.

Would you like to make it a truly memorable day for that special Valentine?  Have I got an idea for you!  What about the best love letter that was Screen shot 2013-02-06 at 10.56.20 AMever written?  Not one of those sappy cards with hearts and cupids…a real love letter that expresses the depth of your love.  It’s a love letter that goes on saying “I love you” for years into the future in the most thoughtful way imaginable.  It’s a love letter that says you truly care enough to provide her with financial security no matter what happens to you.  A life insurance policy is one of the truest professions of love any man can give to his soul mate.

Let your true love know just how much you care, that you will guarantee them the cash needed for food, clothing and children’s education even if you are not around to share your life with them.  You see, as the TV commercial says, life insurance is for the living, not for the dead.  That’s why it’s called life insurance, not death insurance.  This year if your love letter says “I’m assuring you of 10 times my annual income if I die before we’ve had a chance to fulfill our family dreams,” that expresses love like nothing else! It’s a love letter that can provide security for the next 20 years for as little as $1.00 a day.  That’s about what a 35 year old male in good health might expect to pay for a $500,000 Twenty Year Term policy.  Is a buck a day too much to provide your spouse and kids with so much security?  Could anything else that costs so little say “I love you” in such a meaningful way?

Right now—call your life insurance agent, and if you don’t have one go to SelectQuote.com or call them at 800-670-3213.  There’s still time to get that special Valentine ’s Day love letter written.

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