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We All Gotta Go Sometime, But Tony Soprano??

James GandolfiniIt’s not Tony Soprano who died.  It was James Gandolfini, the bigger than life, tougher than nails, sweeter than syrup actor who portrayed the godfather of the Soprano clan who died.  At only 51 years of age, the gentle giant is no longer with us.  Leaving behind a young wife, children ages 13 and 2 and millions of adoring fans.

It was such a shock that this seemingly healthy—and, oh so young—man would now only be with us on the screen in rolls already shot and in the can.  To fortify the unreal, the Los Angeles Times printed no fewer than 5 articles and editorials devoted to his life over the few days following his demise.  There was a huge interest in this phenomenon.   How could he be gone at only 51 years?

Hey, that’s how it goes.  None of us know how much time we have left.  And it isn’t always the freak accident that takes the young.  In this case it was just a plain old, mundane heart attack.  Did he have symptoms beforehand?  Who knows?  Sure, he was overweight, but aren’t a lot of us?

Did he have life insurance?  Unless the beneficiaries choose to tell, we’ll never know because the benefits paid from life insurance policies pass outside of probate—no public record.  I hope he did, because no matter what his wealth was before death, his future earning potential was immense and is now lost to his family.  Would he have been insurable?  That depends on what his health was at the time it was purchased.  Possibly he was and if he wasn’t, maybe the insurance exam would have revealed unknown information about his condition that would have alerted him to take precautionary, life-saving measures.

What Gandolfini’s untimely departure should leave us with is an urgency to review our own insurance needs while we have time.

Coming up…I’m back on line with more important information about your life insurance program.

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