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What’s Really Important in Life

56upRecently my wife and I saw the movie “56 Up”.  It’s a documentary film that follows the lives of 13 individuals beginning at their ages of 7, taking them through age 56.  All of the subjects are residents of Great Britain, but other than that they have been randomly selected.  There is nothing special about any of them…just ordinary people.  But unlike that movie, these people are quite real.  Each is interviewed on film at the ages of 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49 and 56.

What an interesting study this is!!  For over 2 hours we sat mesmerized as though we were clandestinely snooping on a 50 year time span into each of their lives.  Some had happy lives, some not so happy.  Some had attained financial and experiential success, some were still struggling.  Most changed their goals as they reached each 7 year period.  What was important as a 14 year old may not have even been remembered at age 49.

What my wife and I found to be consistent with each one of these individuals in their attainment of happiness were family and education.  Those who had been able to maintain close ties with their families and those who fulfilled their early desires for continuing education, seemed to be the most at peace with their state of life.  When they looked back, they had the least regret and their current lives seemed to be the most satisfying.

What’s all of this got to do with life insurance?  That’s what I’m supposed to be covering here.  It’s a pretty simple tie in.  Life insurance provides for the wellbeing of families when either the father or mother is removed from the picture by early death.  And, life insurance can provide funds for continued education of kids when the income of either parent is terminated due to an untimely death.  Life insurance is a statement of love.  It is a stabilizer at a time that could otherwise tear lives apart.  Even if early death does not interrupt a family or educational goals, the mere expression of love stated by a life insurance policy brings a sense of comfort to those moving through ages 7 to 56…and beyond.

Coming up…what your weight has to do with what you pay for life insurance.

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