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Leadership Part 18

The final in this series on Leadership THE PRICE OF LEADERSHIP The commitment to be a leader carries a price.  The more visible the leader…the greater that price.  When people look upon you as their leader you have created an obligation to fulfill their needs.  You have set standards that they expect to be maintained.  […]

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Leadership Part 17

The final element of Focus in a leader is Passion and Dedication Passion/Dedication Most of the great leaders of history are passionate about their quest.  But passion is not necessarily present in every leader in every undertaking.  Dedication is absolutely essential if a leader is to succeed.  But Passion and dedication are not always synonymous. […]

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Leadership Part 16

Continuing with the importance of decisiveness and risk taking as part of the leader’s Focus. Decisiveness Leaders make decisions.   Decisions should be made with adequate forethought and research, but not at the expense of being prolonged.  Indecisiveness is not a trait of a leader.   Make a call and go with it!  Once a decision has […]

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Leadership Part 15

A leader takes charge of the big picture. The Big Picture Becoming sidetracked with minutiae distracts from focus on the goal.  Consider the conductor of a symphony orchestra who has before him the music of Beethoven and 95 talented musicians ready to play it.  The conductor has heard this same composition played by other orchestras […]

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Leadership Part 14

Continuing on to the last important trait of a leader—Focus. Focus Focus is defined as “the concentration of attention or energy on something.”  In order to focus you must know what that “something” is.  That requires that you know where you have been; where you are now and where you want to go. If you’re […]

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Leadership Part 13

A discussion about speaking and writing skills wraps up the importance of People Skills for the leader.Speaking Not all leaders are good speakers, but being a good speaker—at least one who does not cause the audience to squirm after five minutes—gives the leader a real leg up. Some speakers are best with a prepared presentation.  […]

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Leadership Part 12

Continuing with the importance of empathy as a part of People Skills for the leader. Empathy Leaders understand the importance of empathy in dealing with others. To have empathy you must be a good listener.  Empathy is the ability to know what others want and to comprehend why they want it.  It does not require […]

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Leadership Part 11

Getting the most out of those who are helping requires special attention from the leader. Recognize Subordinates and Peers Employees won’t work without pay.  Pay is one form of recognition, but a basic wage won’t get you much more than 8 hours—potentially an uninspired 8 hours.  Paying more for outstanding performance might work:  performance bonuses, […]

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Leadership Part 10

Delegation is important, but there are advantages for a leader to get personally involved. Make Yourself Available—Be Helpful If people are to follow you, they must have access.  No, don’t hover, but do let them in.  With this said it is also important to respect a chain of command and to realize that time is […]

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Leadership Part 9

Why don’t leaders delegate and what are the consequences? Failure to Delegate Leaders who fail to delegate usually do so for one of the following reasons: They are afraid that if they don’t do it themselves, it won’t be done right. They are afraid of being shown up. The people to whom they can delegate […]