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Leadership Part 8

The third trait of Leadership is People skills. People Skills The first element of people skills is to select the right people to help you toward your goals.  Select the brightest, most capable people you can find.  Select people who will challenge you.  Find those who want your job.  Don’t be afraid that your subordinates […]

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Leadership Part 7

More on the aspects of Positive Attitude required of leaders. Maintaining a Positive Image Making decisions is part of a leader’s responsibility.  Som e will be popular; others will not be.  When those tough decisions need to be made it must not affect your positive attitude.  The leader must move forward in a totally positive […]

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Leadership Part 6

Continuing on the importance for leaders to have a Positive Attitude.  Feel Good About Yourself Come on!  You do have good qualities.  What are they?  Make a list.  Are you smart, caring, understanding, well educated, well connected?  Do you smile a lot?  Are you a good public speaker; capable writer?  Do you look good when […]

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Leadership Part 5

Moving on in this discussion of leadership to the second trait:  Positive Attitude. Golden Retrievers are wonderful creatures.  They are great tail waggers.  It doesn’t matter how bad their day might have been.  You may have left them alone all day.  Maybe you forgot to feed them before you went out for the night.  Perhaps […]

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Leadership Part 4

Concluding the elements that go into Presence in a leader. Succinctness Don’t you wish this was a trait that all of our leaders possessed?  Wouldn’t it be great to turn on “Meet the Press” one Sunday morning and actually have a politician answer a question with a simple “Yes” or “No” when that is all […]

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Leadership Part 3

Continuing with the elements of Presence found in a leader. Eye Contact This hardly seems like a topic that requires comment.  When you meet someone, when you’re talking to them, look them in the eye.  Simple enough.  But that’s not always what happens. A few years ago I was conducting a class at a local […]

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Leadership Part 2

In my last entry I discussed Presence as one of the elements of leadership.  Now, I’ll cover the elements of Presence. Vision Leaders are often visionaries.  They think outside of the box.  A discussion with a visionary will take you on a journey to unknown places.  Visionaries are dreamers so their concepts are not always […]

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During my life I have held several leadership rolls.  I have also had the privilege of working with and for many leaders.  Some of them have been very effective; some less so. My observations in the following several entries come from the leaders I have known and what I have learned from my own experiences […]