26 November 2013 0 Comments

Are You Worth More Dead Than Alive?

“I’m worth more dead than alive” is a comment I have heard often during my many years in the life insurance arena.  It’s usually said in jest by an individual just after he has purchased a new life insurance policy or as a put-off to the insurance agent attempting to set up an appointment to […]

16 August 2013 0 Comments


(More Questions) Q.  What Kind of a commitment have I made when I sign an application for life insurance? A.  You have made no commitment when you sign an application for life insurance.  You can change your mind and not proceed with the application at any time. Q.  But, what if I paid a premium […]

25 June 2013 0 Comments

We All Gotta Go Sometime, But Tony Soprano??

It’s not Tony Soprano who died.  It was James Gandolfini, the bigger than life, tougher than nails, sweeter than syrup actor who portrayed the godfather of the Soprano clan who died.  At only 51 years of age, the gentle giant is no longer with us.  Leaving behind a young wife, children ages 13 and 2 […]

11 May 2013 0 Comments

Pay Forever, Or For A Shorter Time?

Should you pay your life insurance premium forever, or would you rather be able to stop paying after a stipulated number of years?  That sounds like an easy question, but it’s a little like, “Have you stopped beating your wife?”  It’s a loaded question. With Universal Life, you can design the premium paying period just […]

6 April 2013 0 Comments

When There’s Smoke…

Where there’s smoke…there’s an increase in life insurance premiums.  Those who are regular users of tobacco/nicotine products will pay a substantial amount more for their life insurance than those who do not use.  How much more?  Many factors go into this answer, including duration since last use of tobacco, age at issue, type of tobacco […]

4 January 2013 0 Comments

Extra Premiums For Extra Risk

Last time I covered the various premium classes for life insurance.  But, what about applicants with medical histories or other underwriting concerns that preclude their obtaining insurance in any of those classes?  They still might be eligible to receive a policy with an extra premium charged.  These extra premiums are classified as Table Ratings or […]

19 March 2012 0 Comments

Is Buying Life Insurance from a Lending Institution a Good Deal? What About Life Insurance from Your Employer?

Last time, I gave you some tips for determining a term duration for your Life Insurance policy. In this entry, I’ll discuss whether or not you should purchase Life Insurance from a lending institution. I’ll also address the pros and cons of Life Insurance provided by an employer. But first, let’s cut to the chase: […]