21 May 2012 0 Comments

Life Insurance For Estate Planning

The amount of the Federal Estate Tax is currently in a flux, but is unlikely to go away.  So, whether the top bracket is 35% or 55% and whether the exemption is $1,000 or $5,000 per person, substantial estates will likely continue to be hit with a tax due within a stipulated time following death. […]

14 May 2012 0 Comments

Pension Maximization

In my last entry I discussed using an Indexed Life Insurance policy as a way to fund for a retirement income.  This time, I’ll also be dealing with retirement, but not as a way to fund for a pension, but as a way to enhance a pension that has already been earned. Married workers who […]

11 May 2012 0 Comments

An Alternative To The Roth IRA

This is my first entry on the uses for Permanent Life Insurance. The Roth IRA has become a popular retirement plan.  Contributions to the Roth IRA are not tax deductible, but earnings on investment grow tax free and at retirement income is received tax free.  Here’s an interesting alternative or supplement to the Roth IRA […]

7 May 2012 0 Comments

When You Need “Perm” Not “Term”

Now, it’s time to discuss when “Perm”, not “Term”, is necessary.  If term is the lowest price for pure death benefit protection, why would you ever pay more?  Here’s an overview of what I’ll be covering:  An interesting alternative to a Roth IRA. We’ll take a look at a very interesting alternative to a Roth […]

3 May 2012 0 Comments

Getting Cash From Whole Life Policies When You Want To Continue The Policy

Last time I discussed accessing the cash value of a Permanent life Insurance policy by discontinuing the policy.  Now, here are some ways to get cash from policies while continuing the policy in force.  If you own any type of whole life policy the only way to access the cash value of the basic policy […]

30 April 2012 0 Comments

Show Me The Money – How To Access Cash Values In Permanent Life Insurance

I’ve outlined the different types of Permanent  Life Insurance and next I’ll be discussing when Permanent Insurance is needed.  But, first I want to address the cash value that these policies generate, how that cash can be accessed during your lifetime and what happens to it after you die. First, the cash value after death […]

27 April 2012 0 Comments

UL – Today’s Answer To Guaranteed, Permanent Life Insurance

I’ve taken you through the alphabet soup of permanent life insurance—NPWL, PWL, ISWL, VLI, ILI.  Now, for today’s most cost effective policy for guaranteed, permanent life insurance—UL. Universal Life Insurance (UL) Today’s Universal Life Insurance is not your grandfather’s Universal Life Insurance – or your father’s, for that matter. All UL policies are transparent, but […]

24 April 2012 0 Comments

More Stops On The Permanent Life Insurance Trail

So far I’ve discussed Whole Life—Non-Participating and Participating.  Here I’ll make a quick stop at two additional permanent policy types before moving on to Universal Life.  Well, actually I’ll deal with three policy types here.  Following my discussion of Variable Life I’ll cover Indexed Life which is similar to Variable.  Interest Sensitive Whole Life Insurance […]

20 April 2012 0 Comments

Permanent Life Insurance Primer

So far I’ve concentrated on Term Life Insurance, but Term doesn’t solve all needs, so here we go…a quick primer on Permanent Life Insurance followed by at least 10 situations that require Permanent Insurance. The premium for all Permanent Life Insurance is a product of four factors: 1.  Mortality costs: percentage of people who will […]

17 April 2012 0 Comments

“Term” Is Not Always The Answer To Life (Insurance)

So far I’ve been extolling the virtues of Term Insurance, but there are many situations where term is not the best answer.  So, now we’ll take a look at Permanent Insurance. First, I’ll touch on a policy that is labeled as a permanent policy, but in reality operates as term. You might think you are […]