20 May 2014 0 Comments

The Language of Life Insurance

I’m guilty!  There are times when I banter around terms that mean something to me, but are meaningless—or downright misleading—to non-insurance people.  That’s why I included a Life Insurance Terminology tab on this site.  But, even with that assist, much of our “insider’s terminology” needs clarification.  So, here goes on some of those terms that […]

2 December 2013 0 Comments

What Do You Need…What’ve You Got…What Do You Know?

Maybe I got to you in my last entry and you are going to do something about getting life insurance.  But, it’s not so simple because you already have a policy or two and you don’t know whether you should keep what you have or start fresh.  Without all the details I can’t advise you, […]

5 November 2013 0 Comments

Can You Get Life Insurance With A History Of Strokes?

Strokes are typically the result of a blocked or ruptured blood vessel in the brain.  They are classified as a full stroke (also Cardiovascular Accident [CVA}) or mini stroke (also Trans Ischemic Attack [TIA]). TIA’s resolve themselves without any permanent damage to the brain.  Most TIA’s are due to a small temporary blockage of a […]

13 September 2013 0 Comments

If It Sounds To Be Good To Be True….

The balance of this saying is…it probably is.  In my last entry on Stranger Originated Life Insurance (STOLI) I described the ultimate bad of these types of arrangements.  It was the two old ladies who found two indigent men to insure and then killed them for the life insurance proceeds.  The ladies got life in […]

27 August 2013 0 Comments

What’s Good — And Not So Good — About The U.S. Life Insurance Industry?

The good thing about the Life Insurance Industry in the United States is that the cost of policies has dropped over the past 20-30 years to the point where most people can afford to provide adequate protection for their families.  How many products or services can you name whose cost has followed this same downward […]

10 August 2013 0 Comments

Taking Advantage Of Life Insurance Taxation At Retirement

In earlier entries I’ve shown how life insurance can produce very attractive tax free returns as a supplement to retirement.  This concept is based on creating a policy rich in cash values relative to its death benefit and then systematically withdrawing cash value up to the basis, followed by policy loans at (or close to) […]

17 May 2013 0 Comments

Living to Age 120

You may have noticed that I have often referenced policies whose premium and death benefit are guaranteed to age 121.  Why bother with such a long term guarantee?  Who lives that long? There are two reasons why age 121 is a good target to use when determining for how long the death benefit should be […]

19 April 2013 0 Comments


As a kid, when I brought home a report card with an “A” that was about as good as it got.  Even a “B” was to be commended, especially when it was for Latin, which I never could get into.  But, when you look at the ratings doled out by the top four financial rating […]

1 February 2013 0 Comments

Not Just Another Skin Cancer – Melanoma

Most skin cancers do not pose a challenge to obtaining life insurance, even at preferred premiums.  Skin cancer is the most common form of human cancer with as many as 1 out of 6 Americans developing the condition during their lifetime.  Basil Cell Carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer and since it […]

28 January 2013 0 Comments

Sleep Apnea: Do you Have it? Does it Affect Life Insurance Premiums?

Sleep Apnea is a condition that temporarily leads to the cessation of breathing or to episodes of shallow breathing, interrupting normal sleep cycles.  As far as life insurance availability, there are concerns about cardiovascular involvement, but the major risk factors are car accidents and other accidents as a result of sleep deprivation. Several years ago […]