3 June 2014 0 Comments

The Meaning of Renewable and Convertible

Term insurance may be referred to as “Renewable” and “Convertible.”  What do these terms mean? Renewable Level Term Insurance has a Level Death Benefit and a Level Premium, but the premium is only level for a specified period of time.  Thus, a 20 year term policy’s premium will be level for 20 years.  At the […]

18 June 2013 0 Comments

The Real Power Of Life Insurance

When I started selling life insurance 50+ years ago I knew little about the product.  I had never planned to sell life insurance, but I was out of a job, having a tough time finding another position in my chosen field and was offered a guarantee of $500 a month—so—I figured I’d give it a […]

7 June 2013 0 Comments

Term Life Insurance… It Should Be Easy

Having spent my last 5 entries on the rather complex subject of Indexed Universal Life (IUL), it’s time to get back to some basics—Term Insurance. If you are a family with young children, term insurance is probably what you should buy.  I say “probably” only because most people who fall into this category work on a […]

26 April 2013 0 Comments

Did You Pay Too Much?

After making a substantial purchase, the question often goes through your mind, “Did I pay too much?”  Don’t you hate it when someone right next door buys exactly the same car that you just bought and they tell you they got it for $995 less?  Of course there is always the question, “Is their car […]